We want to create a studio that will be the modern day YMCA/Boys & Girls Club!

  • Collaborative Creator Hub to Develop Influencers

  • $50/mo to get access to everything including all classes (on sign-up basis). Foods & snacks sold separately.

  • Functional booths with 24/7 exposure (instead of a limited one-weekend booth at a con)

These areas will be streamed and have 24/7 live exposure!

Base Requirements

  • 8,000-10,000 SQFT Warehouse Architecture

  • Top Tier Security

  • Reliable Business Internet

    • 1×1 Gigabit Speeds Minimum
    • Dual Lines for Failover
    • Dedicated 1GB Infrastructure Throughout Building


Spacious area dedicated for break-dancers to express themselves and for relaxing Yoga sessions.

Fully equipped, top level production studio environment.

Music production and live performance space. We utilize the leading industry level tech to give you that premium top quality sound.

Studio dedicated to creating high level production shots. Space will be large enough for vehicles and stage setups.

Creating, editing, programming, after-school programs. 30 PCs.

Quiet rooms for recording vocals.

The Twitch Barber will be available and ready to give you a fresh look.

The Twitch Inkist can design a new tattoo for you.

20 Gaming PCs dedicated for that raw adrenaline competitive gaming experience.

Where professionals can come teach. IE – Adobe pros come for a week to teach classes on Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, etc.

The entire space itself will become a stream of whats going on -There will be areas of the establishments that will be streamed 24/7 – IE Barber shop, Music Collaboration booth, Educational classes – all to their own separate twitch channels

It is better to have functional booths with 24/7 exposure instead of temporary booth just for a weekend of exposure at a con. These areas will be streamed and have 24/7 live exposure!

Build up our members to become media powerhouses. This will also build our community into an entertainment/media hub!

Develop surrounding areas/neighborhoods and bring in other small/local businesses.

Marketing & Talent Agency (Partner level – Exclusive Invites only)